[Release] Therapy Game Restart – English version

[Release] Therapy Game Restart – English version

Therapy Game Restart

Author/Artist: Hinohara Meguru

Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance | Rating: 18+


Selfish and bad-tempered. Nasty and open in sex.

Obviously, most people would think that I’m a “mean” child

But this guy… is no better than me.

Prequel ⌈Therapy Game⌋ – Vietnamese version

⌈Therapy Game Restart⌋ – Vietnamese version

×Password: The name of our group. (10 letters, no space, first letter capital)



Case 1 ∴ Case 2

Case 3Case 4

Case 5Case 6

Case 7Case 8

Case 9 ∴ Case…

10 thoughts on “[Release] Therapy Game Restart – English version

  1. Hello, thank you so much for translating all this for us. Do you still translate chapter 8 into english or did you drop this manga? I’m asking because the vietnamese translation has been online for quite a while now, but usually you didn’t take that long after for the english translation. If you’ve been busy then I apologize for rushing you.

  2. Did you clean the cover picture here? If so it’s a stuning work! Also thank you for your continuous translations!

    1. The cover is a bit of a failure but I cleaned it myself so, I’m glad you liked it

      1. from someone who does scanlation and thinks cleaning is a pain, this is not a failure AT ALL!!

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