[Release] Monetary Love

[Release] Monetary Love

Title: Okane Ariki no Kankei desu ga

Author/Artist: Sakurai Nanako

Genre: Yaoi, Smut, Romance, Younger seme, Yakuza | Rating: 18+

Bản dịch Tiếng Việt: Monetary Love


Half year ago, Yanai Makoto – A normal office employee – became his friend’s guarantor for a large loan. In the end, the friend escaped and left him with enormous debt of 30 million Yen.

Yanai became a call boy in order to pay off the debt; every night he had to sell his body to brutal men, repeating sexual contracts again and again. Until one day, he stumbled on a yakuza who willing to pay 5 times his prize just for turning into his personal whore…

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Monetary Love – Volume 1


Chap 01

Chap 02

Chap 03

Chap 04

Chap 05



Download Volume 1

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Monetary Love – Volume 2 [ON-GOING]


Chap 06

Chap 07


8 thoughts on “[Release] Monetary Love

  1. I’ve been waiting and checking for a while, but when will volume 2 be completed?? Has it been dropped or is it continuing?
    Thnak you for your works~

  2. Thank you for your hard work! It was awesome! ♥ I fall in love with this manga!

  3. Super excited for the next chapter
    Thanks for your hard work!!!

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